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Nepal Lodge Trek

These treks are for those who prefer convenience. The lodge trek is a highly developed form of adventure in Nepal as the popular trek routes are today littered with well - furnished lodges. We have the lodge-trekking concept: carry your own pack or share a porter with a friend, go accompanied with a guide, stay and eat at wayside lodges run by local villages along the better-known trails – the Annapurna, the Everest, the Langtang or Helambu. Accommodation and meals are rather basic, share a room or bed down in a dormitory, meals of rice and lentils, curried vegetables. Most of these lodges are comfortable and well appointed. Higher up at higher altitudes and in remote areas they are more basic. But it's one helluva lot of fun and a great experience, actually living with the local folk.

There is no age limit for trekking. If you are healthy, you'll be fine. No need to be a climber or mountaineer. A little walking practice at home before you set out is conditioning enough. See your Doctor before you come and get yourself insured against accident, sickness and possible evacuation by helicopter since you will be trekking in remote and high mountains.

If you let us know what sort of trek you'd prefer, the time you have on hand, we shall be happy to make recommendations, work out a few special itineraries tailored to your taste and send them for your selection.

Suggested Trekking Area
 (1)   Annapurna Region
 (2)   Everest Region

 (3)   Langtang & Helambu Region

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