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Nepal Wildlife Safari

Nepal may be known for its Himalayan Mountains but another intriguing world within this tiny kingdom awaits the tourist-- Wildlife Safari in the national parks. The terai (plains) region is covered in rich sub-tropical forests that harbor an amazing variety of wildlife. The most sought after and also the most elusive is the Royal Bengal Tiger. The most frequently encountered beast is the Greater One Horned Rhinoceros, which are seen in Chitwan and Bardia National Parks. Besides these there are among the mammals; Himalayan Black bear, sloth bear, six kinds of deer, leopards, wild elephants, antelopes, hyena, wild buffalo, Gaur, Gangetic dolphins, etc. Among the primates Rhesus and Langur monkeys are common. Among the reptiles found in Nepal the most prominent are the crocodiles (gharial & marsh mugger) and then there are monitor lizards and numerous species of snakes. Besides these there are more than 450 species of birds living along the rivers, within the jungles and grassland. The most enjoyable mode of safari is on elephant back as this is an incredibly efficient means to enter the heart of the jungle. There are also canoe rides and rafting for further adventure. Besides wildlife, there are Tharu villages to visit. These Tharus are the natives of the terai. Safari in Nepal is a unique experience and November to March is the best time to visit.

Royal Chitwan National Park

TIGER TOPS- Jungle Lodge/Tented Camp/Tharu Village Resort. Tiger Tops offers the most luxurious and quality accommodation and services in the whole of Chitwan National Park. Many rich and famous people who travel to Nepal visit this lodge and the fantastic part of the park. Located in a beautiful jungle setting well inside the park this pioneering operator maintains three distinct vacation facilities - Jungle Lodge, Tented Camp and Tharu Village Resort, all an experience on its own. Tour packages include all wildlife activities presented with style to insure maximum guest satisfaction.


2 Nights TIGER TOPS LODGE + CAMP Package
(1 night Lodge + 1 night Tented Camp with all meals and activities)
- Twin Share US$ 500 - Single 700 per person
(2 nights Tented Camp with all meals and activities)
- Twin Share US$ 375 - Single 545 per person
(2 nights Jungle Lodge with all meals and activities)
- Twin Share US$ 690 - Single 1030 per person
Additional Night at:-
Jungle Lodge:
- Twin Share US$ 355 - Single 525 per person.
Tented Camp:
- Twin US$ 198 - Single 282 per person.
Transport Cost:

- Private car: US$ 150 per car - round-trip (seats 3 pax).
- Air Fare + transfers : US$ 180 per person round trip.


Only the sounds of nature itself disturbs the peace of the forest - bird song, the rustle of deer in the bushes, the trumpeting of the elephant .... The Chitwan Jungle Lodge lies in the north-eastern boundary of the park on the banks of the Rapti river. Situated in forest setting in an area rich in the diverse ecology of this park, this unique wildlife resort presents the perfect jungle experience. A 3-day/2-night, all inclusive, package provide ample opportunities for viewing the nature and wildlife of the area. This resort, with its blend of traditional style and modern amenities, offers the best value for those looking for a high quality experience.

(Accommodation in Jungle Cabins with furniture, toilet/shower,
all meals and all activities)
- Twin Share - US$ 180 - Single 220 per person
- Additional Night - Twin US$ 90 - Single 110 per person per night.
Transport Cost:
- Tourist Bus + transfers: US$ 30 per person round-trip
- Private car: US$ 150 per car - round-trip (seats 3 pax).
- Air Fare + transfers : US$ 75 per person one way.

ISLAND JUNGLE RESORT - Lodge & Tented Camp

The original tented camp and the newly constructed jungle cabins in an area highly acclaimed for animal sighting is the attraction of this resort. The area covered is an island in the River Narayani, home to the two types of crocodiles found in Nepal and hundreds of migratory birds. Elephant back safaris and boating on the Narayani is one of the highlights. For those who are looking for a rich wildlife experience and beauty of nature, without the frills and for a reasonable price, this is just the thing.


Jungle cabins (with attached toilet/showers):
- Twin Share - US$ 150 - Single 190 per person
- Additional Night - Twin US$ 75 - Single 95 per person per night.
Tents (Safari tent with furniture - common toilets/showers):
- Twin Share - US$ 120 - Single 160 per person
- Additional Night - Twin US$ 60 - Single 80 per person per night.

Transport Cost:

- Tourist Bus + transfers: US$ 20 per person round-trip
- Private car: US$ 150 per car - round-trip (seats 3 pax).
- Air Fare + transfers : US$ 75 per person one way..

Royal Bardia National Park

TIGER TOPS Bardia Lodge & Tented Camp

Royal Bardia national Park situated in western Terai of Nepal is one of largest undisturbed parks in the region. The park is the home of many endangered animals, reptiles and birds - including the elusive Tiger. Some years ago several one horned rhinos where translocated here from Chitwan. Over the years Bardia has also been a good place for tiger viewing - a rare event anywhere. Recently sightings of a group of wild elephants have further enhanced the wildlife experience possible in this beautiful and unspoiled sanctuary. The Bardia Lodge and Tented Camp provides comfortable accommodation and outings in this unique park set on the banks of the Karnali River. A stay in this park can be combined with raft trip down the Karnali and Bheri rivers or with a trek to Dolpo, Rara Lake or Humla in far western Nepal.

3 DAYS/2 NIGHTS Tiger Tops Bardia PACKAGE:


- (One night Lodge and one night Tented Camp)
- Twin Share - US$ 410 per person
- Single Room - US$ 575 per person
Additional Night -
- Bardia Lodge: Twin - US$ 195 Single - US$ 280/person/night.
- Tented Camp: Twin - US$ 195 Single - US$ 280/person/night.
- Air Fare + transfers: US$ 260 per person round-trip.


Kosi Tapu Wildlife Reserve

KOSI TAPU WILDLIFE CAMP                                                                        
The Kosi Tapu and the Kosi Barrage in east Nepal provide one of the best places in Nepal to view migratory water fowl, waders and shore birds during the winter months. Many species not recorded elsewhere in the region have been seen here. Thousands of birds congregate here in January and February before they migrate north when the warm weather begins. Kosi Tapu Tented Camp situated on the fringe of the reserve provides the only accommodation to date. Well qualified nature guides take the guests out on walks, jeep drives and boat rides to look for birds and the wild buffalo found only here in Nepal. It is possible to combine this tour with Sun Kosi Raft Trip or with treks in the eastern hills or with Darjeeling/Sikkim extension.

(Accommodation in Safari Tents with furniture, all meals and activities)
- Twin Share - US$ 250 - Single 350 per person
Additional Nights:

- Twin Share - 125 - Single 175 per person/night.
- Air Fare + transfers: US$ 120 per person/one way.
- Public Bus + transfers: US$ 40 per person round-trip.


Safari Package Includes:
Accommodation in Lodge or Tented camp, all wildlife safari outings including elephant back safari, jeep drives, nature walk, bird watching, boat ride, cultural shows, etc., (as per specific itinerary provided for different packages), park entrance fees and all meals for the duration of the package tour. Does not include transport there and back (shown separately), video camera fee (USD100 per camera), tips, drinks, anything not mentioned in the itinerary, etc.

For trip cost, itinerary and other relevant information please contact us.
E-mail: info@adventureplusnepal.com.np

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