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Sikkim Trek

Trekking to the foot of the mighty Mount Khangchendzonga, the third highest mountain on the face of the earth is an experience of a lifetime. And it would be our pleasure and privilege to led you through this trekkers paradise of the lush forested mountain slopes where you can get glimpses of colourful birds and butterflies and discovers a variety of wild and rare flora and fauna. While trekking you can relish the pure fresh mountain air and silence of wilderness and breath-taking view as Sikkim Himalayas unfolds itself before you.

Note : Accomodations while in trek will be in tent. All data are in metre and kilometre.

Suggested Treks

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12 days Gochela trek
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13 days Singalila trek altitude 5400 mts

Day 01 Gangtok to Utteray (driving) 130 kms.
Day 02 Utteray to Chewabhanjyang 10500 fts. O/N Tent
Day 03 Chewabhanjyang halt (for acclamatization).
Day 04 Chewabhanjyang to Sikkim megu via Dood 10700 fts 20 ms.
Day 05 Sikkim megu to Vishnu Pokhari 11800 fts 17 kms.
Day 06 Vishnu Pokhari to Dafey Bhir 15700 fts 14 kms.
Day 07 Dafey Bhir to Mayur Pokhari 15300 fts 14 kms.
Day 08 Mayur Pokhari to Gomathang 14600 fts 14 kms.
Day 09 Gomathang to Tikyapla 15100 fts 7 kms.
Day 10 Tikyapla to Basecamp via Rungee 16800 fts 10 kms.
Day 11 Basecamp to Dood Pokhari 18000 fts 6 kms.
Day 12 Dood Pokhari to Bikbari 14300 fts 14 kms.
Day 13 Bikbari to Zongri 4030 mts 7 kms.
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